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Dear users, please read the General Terms of Use of the site – advokataleksandrov.eu and those for making payments to “ Sole proprietorship attorney firm Alexandrov“ through a virtual POS terminal.

Use of the site means that you agree and accept these Terms and Conditions.


These General Terms and Conditions for making payments for legal services through a virtual POS terminal regulate the terms and conditions under which the law firm „Sole proprietorship law firm Alexandrov“, BULSTAT – 177181653, provides the opportunity for individuals or their representatives to make online payments to the Sole Proprietorship Alexandrov „, through the website of the law firm – en.advokataleksandrov.eu

Alexandrov Solе Law Firm provides individuals with the opportunity to pay for legal services to the Alexandrov Sole Proprietorship Law Firm electronically, through a virtual POS terminal, by debit or credit card through a payment system provided by a bank, with which law firm „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“ has a contract.

The site allows the ordering of legal services and their payment without requiring registration.


Law office „Sole proprietorship company Alexandrov“, BULSTAT – 177181653, with registered office and address of management: Sofia 1000, Str.Pozitano № 9., Entrance B, floor 1, office 1

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

„Bank (s)“ means „RaiffeisenBank“,BIC: RZBBBGSF, with registered office and address of management: Sofia, Pozitano str. №9 Phone: 02 826 7500, Website: https://www.rbb.bg/ Competent supervisory body: Bulgarian National Bank.

„User“ means any person who uses the Virtual POS terminal to pay for legal services at the law firm „Sole proprietorship law firm Alexandrov“.

„Virtual POS terminal“ means a logically defined device in a bank’s card system, through which electronic payments for legal services are made through the website of the law firm „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“ when using a bank card online. The platform is fully serviced by the information systems of the Bank, with which the law firm „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“ has concluded a contract for servicing payments with local and international debit or credit cards on the Internet, without the presence of other intermediaries for transaction processing.


“ Sole proprietorship law firm Alexandrov“ provides an opportunity for consumers or their representatives to order and pay for legal services offered by „Alexandrov Solo Law Firm“, online, through the website of the law firm – advokataleksandrov.eu, through a Virtual POS terminal.

Payment can be made by debit card or credit card MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and VisaElectron.

After ordering by the client an online consultation or booking an appointment for an office consultation, the User will be transferred online payment to a secure page of the Bank, where he must enter his card details (number, validity date, 3-digit code for security and name of the cardholder). For identification as a cardholder, the payment server of the servicing bank maintains the authentication schemes of the international card organizations.

“ Sole proprietorship attorney firm Alexandrov” accepts only payment by bank transfer in Euro.

“ Sole proprietorship attorney firm Alexandrov“ does not accept a refusal of a service order.

Sole proprietorship attorney firm Alexandrov does not undertake to start work on a legal issue until it has received confirmation from the Bank for the payment of the amount due for the legal service by the User.

In case of inability of the User to use his reserved time for consultation in the office, „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“ undertakes to do what is possible to reschedule the consultation in a new convenient day, both for the User and for “ Sole proprietorship attorney firm Aleksandrov“. and hour.

For this purpose, it is necessary for the User to contact the office of the contact telephone number from the site www.advokataleksandrov.eu. In case of repeated inability of the User to use his reserved time for consultation in the office, the office could not commit to a new rescheduling.

The transfer of amounts is carried out through the Bank’s system and not through the website of the law firm „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“, and the responsibility for the transaction lies with the Bank and not with the Alexandrov Sole Law Firm law firm. In case of technical problems with the transfer, the User should contact the Bank.

In case the User notifies in writing the law firm „Alexandrov” that he has duly made a payment to the Alexandrov Solo Law Firm, but the same has not been received by the Alexandrov Sole Law Firm, the law firm will take immediate action. measures to clarify the case using the mediation and assistance of the Bank. Law firm „Alexandrov “ undertakes to promptly notify the User of the result of the study.

In case of fraud or unauthorized use of debit / credit card by third parties, law firm „Aleksandrov Law Firm“ is not responsible, including if the institution that issued your debit / credit card withholds funds from the User due to unauthorized transactions.


In case of inaccuracies, incorrect execution of the transaction and any other disputes and questions in connection with the transaction, the User may submit a written inquiry / objection to the law firm „Sole proprietorship law firm Alexandrov“, to the contacts on the website of the law firm „Sole proprietorship law firm Alexandrov „- advokataleksandrov.eu. Law firm www.advokataleksandrov.eu will take immediate measures to clarify the case. „Alexandrov Law Firm“ undertakes to promptly notify the User of the result of the survey.

“ Sole proprietorship attorney firm Aleksandrov“ and the User will make efforts and will strive to settle all disputes between them out of court, through negotiations and based on mutual understanding and concessions.

Disputes between the parties regarding payments made through the Virtual POS terminal shall be settled by mutual consent, after a written claim by the User or his authorized representative or in court, before the competent Bulgarian court, according to applicable Bulgarian law.


The present conditions are in force from 21.08.2021.

Insofar as Aleksandrov Law Firm seeks to improve and expand the services offered, as well as in connection with legislative changes, these General Terms and Conditions may be amended unilaterally by Alexandrov Sole Proprietorship.

When making changes to these General Terms and Conditions, Aleksandrov  Law Firm will make efforts to notify the User of the changes by publishing them on the website www.advokataleksandrov.eu and by sending a notification to the e-mail address specified by the User (provided that the User has already ordered legal services from „Alexandrov Sole Law Firm“ and the law firm has his contact details).

Law firm „Alexandrov “ provides the User with a period of 7 / seven / days to get acquainted with the changes in the General Terms. If within the specified period, the User does not state in writing to the contact email of the law firm – lawofficealeksandrov@gmail.com that he rejects the changes, it is considered that he is familiar with and agrees with them.

In case the User disagrees with the General Terms and Conditions or with their changes within the specified seven-day period, he will not be able to use the services of the site en.advokataleksandrov.eu.