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Attorney - Kiril Aleksandrov - Legal protection and assistance for foreigners

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The services of an attorney specializing in refugee and migration law may be needed by both foreigners and Bulgarian citizens. We are prepared to provide the necessary legal assistance, even in confusing situations and cases with a high degree of complexity, including preparation of requests or appealing administrative acts. The main element in the work of the good attorney of foreigners is to have a good knowledge of the legislation relating to this matter, both in Bulgaria and in the European Union.

We value our time, as well as our client's time, so our work is based on the principle of speed and efficiency.

We represent our clients in the following cases:

  • seeking international protection in the Republic of Bulgaria (refugee or humanitarian status)
  • marriage to a Bulgarian citizen
  • getting a visa
  • residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • obtaining Bulgarian identity documents
  • acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship
  • rights of members of the family of European Union citizens

You need urgent help from an attorney for foreigners – this is possible!
In some cases, you may need to find an attorney for a foreigner. For example, when the foreigner unexpectedly receives a summons from the Migration authorities or another law enforcement agency or court.

In the following unexpected situations, you may contact us:

  • refusal of protection (refugee or humanitarian status)
  • refusal to obtain a certificate of Bulgarian origin
  • a summons from the Migration authorities
  • an order for accommodation in Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners in the village of Busmantsi or the town of Lyubimets 
  • order to leave the country
  • visa refusal
  • refusal to grant Bulgarian citizenship
  • summons from the Administrative Court

In such situations, one usually does not know how to behave, how to respond to the questions. Therefore, you should not postpone calling a specialist because the consequences can be completely unpredictable.

Remember that the sooner you consult a lawyer, the easier it will be to get a positive result on your problem!

My personal registration number in the Register of Attorneys in Sofia is 1400560510. I have a post-graduation qualification in EU Law.

If you need a lawyer, I will be happy to help.
If you are not in Sofia, this would not be an issue. Call +359 2 826 7500 for an emergency consultation or to make an appointment.